MOVEMENT FOR A LIVABLE CEBU is a SEC-registered, non-governmental organization and is a broad based multi-sectoral people's initiative composed of Cebuanos and concerned citizens, professionals, youth, religious practitioners, urban poor residents, academia, business owners, property owners, people with disability and other concerned residents of Cebu who would like to contribute to make Cebu a sustainable and livable community. We are 100% volunteers!

Although we succeeded in deferring unneeded major infrastructure projects (first ever in Cebu by civil society!), our work is far from over . There are more worthy projects that could literally save a lot of lives and property due to flooding but some politicians seem to push for flyovers.

Their interference has not stopped even if it is in defiance of our Constitution. We will do what is right for the people, we will monitor the actions of our politicians and bureaucrats, we will push for objective, technically-sound analyses of future projects and we will not accept purely politically-motivated projects with no public consultation. We are not political, we do not represent any politician nor political party. We want a Comprehensive Development Plan for Cebu!


  • deferred construction of 7 flyovers
  • voice of civil society; consulted by media, government and the public
  • established the Youth for a Livable Cebu
  • conducted focus groups on "livability"
  • helped in the relieft, rehabilitation and reconstruction after two natural calamities

Cebu is a livable city where we can safely work, play, commute, and worship. Its citizens have mutual respect and consideration for one another and work towards the common good. The city is imbued with great opportunities for health care, education, business, employment and entertainment. MLC and its members are fully committed towards achieving these ideals.

To have a new Comprehensive Development Plan for the Greater Cebu Area to replace the 1980 plan and to stop ad-hoc, politically-sponsored infrastructure construction with no consultation with the local residents.

Marc Canton at or
or call +63 927 349-3409 (Cebu. Philippines)

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